Leg. Dec. 196/03 POLICY - ART. 13 LEG.DEC. 196/2003 - Code pertaining to protection of personal data. Your personal data is collected by electronic means and processed manually, with computer and information technology instruments in the possession of: MGTECH S.r.l., Via Verdi, 14 - 24121 Bergamo. Your data, due to its transmission by Internet and the technical structure of MGTECH S.r.l. services, may be communicated, voluntarily or involuntarily, to third parties. With subscription to the newsletter, you express the willingness to occasionally receive information regarding products, promotions, offers and other information from MGTECH S.r.l. and related entities, and your data can be used to fulfill this request. You may, in future, exercise the rights described in Art. 7 TU (art. 13 of law 675/96) such as access, cancellation, and correction of the data; to do so, please contact MGTECH S.r.l. info@mg-tech.it

For greater completeness, we report the dispositions of Art. 7 TU, first paragraph:

The request by the interested party, in the cases identified in point 7 and 8 of Art. 10 of the TU, implies a cost equal to the maximum applicable amount according to above paragraphs, to be paid by the means and in the time indicated in paragraph 9 of the same Article.